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Vision 2030

Living Healthier Together

A lot can happen in ten years. That’s why it’s important to have a plan. At Luminis Health, we don’t just have a plan, we have our plan: Vision 2030. This ten-year strategic plan sits at the crossroads of external signals and internal drivers, charting our course for the future. Join us in creating a community where everyone can live healthier together.

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Igniting new possibilities

We are at a pivotal time in our history. In 2019, Anne Arundel Health System acquired Doctors Community Hospital as the culmination of our Vision 2020 plan – and with a vision of being able to do more together. As Luminis Health, we are working to break down barriers to health and deliver more high quality care across the region.

With Vision 2030, our focus centers on community, wellness, and experience. Not illness or treatment. Fundamental to this vision is our belief that it is essential to be in partnership with our community. We embrace the changing world of consumer experience and expectations. Luminis Health is igniting new possibilities: creating a health system that is refreshingly easy.