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About Us

Quality care within reach

Your health and the health of our community comes first. To do this, we're growing and delivering high-quality care across the state.

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Where our logo and our name came from

We're proud of where we've been and where we're going. Bringing together the diversity and facets of our community means a healthier, brighter tomorrow for all.

Our logo is an uplifting and inspiring beacon, that gives brightness to every interaction and helps our community to thrive.

Light is quite literally energy that you can see. And our name Luminis, supports our commitment to being a beacon of hope and healing for our communities. Health shares our commitment to sick care and well care, education and healthy living.

Get to know us

Victoria W. Bayless

Chief Executive Officer

Sherry Perkins

President of Luminis Health Anne Arundel Medical Center

Mitchell Schwartz, MD

President of Luminis Health Clinical Enterprise

Deneen Richmond

Acting President of Doctors Community Medical Center

Kevin Smith

Chief Financial Officer

Julie McGovern

Chief Human Resources Officer

Timothy Adelman, Esq

General Counsel and Chief Legal Officer

Peter W. Odenwald

Chief Operating Officer of Luminis Health Clinical Enterprise

Shirley J. Knelly

Chief Corporate Compliance Officer

Saad Chaudhry

Chief Information Officer

Board of Trustees

Gary A. Jobson (Chair)

Rene LaVigne (Vice Chair)

Leisa C. Russell (Treasurer)

Timothy J. Adams (Secretary)

Victoria W. Bayless (Chief Executive Officer)

James D. Chambers

Athena M. Groves

Gary Michael

Karen N. Drenkard, PhD, RN

Misti Murkerjee, Esq.

Keith Ghezzi, MD